Juke Joint Jazz is a concert jazz quintet playing shows, clubs, weddings and events throughout New England.

The band plays their own arrangements of an eclectic melange of the CLASSIC AMERICAN JAZZ REPERTORE  as well as the music of international composers.

With several talented and tasteful soloists with a wealth of professional experience, the music shows influences from Miles Davis to the Grateful Dead; from Monk to Funk; with classical influences from Beethoven to Chopin.


Come see our next concert at the GATEWAY CITY ARTS IN Holyoke, MA on Saturday, March 31 @ 8:00.  This will be our 4th co-show with Wanda and seriously, if you haven't seen her, you are missing one of the true treasures of jazz vocalists.  Wanda will be performing some selections from her "Ella Fitzgerald 100th Birthday" tour she did last spring, as well as whatever tunes she and the band feel like ripping into.  If you like your jazz vocals laced with R&B--like I do--Wanda is what's happening!  Don't forget dinner at the Gateway Bistro before we hit the stage at 8--see you there!

At Tuckerman  Hall on August 19, 2017 for a very special wedding at the concert hall in Worcester, MA