June 30  The Marigold Theater Cabaret w/Wanda & The HBH Band  in Easthampton, MA--7:30

April 21  The Marigold Theater Cabaret w/The Ethel Lee Ensemble in Easthampton, MA--7:00

Feb. 25  The Marigold Theater Cabaret w/Hall Monitors in Easthampton, MA--7:30

Jan. 14  The Marigold Theater Cabaret w/The Ethel Lee Ensemble in Easthampton, MA--7:30


Dec 1 The Divine Theater @ Race St, w/The Ellen Cogen Ensemble,

Holyoke, MA--7:30

Oct 22  The Marigold Theater Cabaret w/The Stephen Page Trio Easthampton, MA--7:30

Sept 24  The Marigold Theater Cabaret w/The Argiro Quintet  Easthampton, MA--7:00

June 11  The Marigold Theater Cabaret w/The Ellen Cogen Ensemble,  Easthampton, MA--7:30

April 23  The Marigold Theater Cabaret w/The Greg Abate Quartet in Easthampton, MA--7:30

Jan. 22  The Marigold Theater Cabaret w/The Ethel Lee Ensemble in Easthampton, MA--7:30


Jan. 16  The Iron Horse--w/The Argiro Quintet--7:00

April 10  The Iron Horse--w/The Ethel Lee Ensemble--7:00

May 8  The Marigold Theater Cabaret  in Easthampton, MA--7:30

Oct. 16  The Marigold Theater Cabaret w/Wanda Houston in Easthampton, MA--7:30

Nov.13  The Marigold Theater Cabaret  w/Criollo Classico in Easthampton, MA--5:00


Nov. 21 The Iron Horse--w/Ellen Cogen plays The Jazz of Joni Mitchell--7:00


Feb 13 The Iron Horse--w/Sheila Jordan Valentines Show--7:00

April 7  The Iron Horse--​w/The Argiro Quintet--7:00


Jan 6  The Iron Horse--Noho W/The Argiro Quintet--7:00

April 28 The Iron Horse--Noho W/The Stephen Page Quartet--7:00

July 28 The Iron Horse--Noho w/The Freddie Bryant Trio--7:00

Sept 15 The Iron Horse--Noho W/The Wanda Houston Band--7:00


Jan.7  The Iron Horse--Noho W/Greg Abate and Orquestra Calle Verde--7:00

Mar. 31  Gateway City Arts--Holyoke--Wanda Houston--Wanda Sings Ella--8:00

June 10  The Iron Horse--Noho W/The Argiro Quintet & Andrea Nikki--7:00

Aug. 12  Black Birch Vineyard--Grand Opening Anniversary Show--2:00

Oct. 28  The Iron Horse--Noho W/Evelyn Harris=Joe Belmont Experience--7:00

Dec. 8  Black Birch Vineyard--Benefit for Whole Children--6:00


Jan. 7  The Arts Block--Greenfield w/The Stephen Page-Bob Ferrier Duo--8:00

Jan. 29  The Iron Horse--Noho W/Claire Arenius'  Jazz on The Mothership--7:00

Feb. 25 The Arts Block--Greenfield W/Claire Arenius' Jazz on The Mothership,

Featuring Wanda  Houston, Andy Jaffe and Wayne Roberts--7:30.

Mar. 10 The Lounge--Brattleboro, VT, Three Sets of just us 7-10:00

April & May--Private Events

June 4  The Iron Horse-- Noho w/The Stephen Page-Bob Ferrier Duo--7:00

July 1  Woodstock Inn--Woodstock, VT Private Event 4-7

August 6  Black Birch Vineyard--N. Hatfield, Grand Opening Concert--2-6:00

August 19 Tuckerman Hall--Worcester, Private Event--5-9

Oct. 21 Wilmington, VT--Private Event

Oct. 29  The Iron Horse--Northampton w/​Wanda Houston--Wanda Sings Ella--7:00


Jan. 23  The Iron Horse--Noho w/The Stephen Page Trio

Feb. 21  Private Wedding--San Juan, Puerto Rico

Apr. 15  The Iron Horse--Noho w/The Freddie Bryant Quartet

May. 5  Private Event--CT>

June 4  The Iron Horse-Noho w/The Greg Abate Quartet Tribute to Phil Woods

Sept. 16  The Iron Horse--Noho W/The Charles Neville Jazz Quintet--7:00

Dec. 9  The Arts Block-Greenfield w/Claire Arenius' Jazz on The Mothership-8:00


Jan. 17  The Arts Block--Greenfield w/ Lexi Weege Band

Mar.7 The Arts Block--Greenfield w/Taking Back Eden/Carolyn Walker

Mar.20 The Iron Horse--Noho w/Duo Fusion--Joe Belmont/SarahSwersey

April 4  Milford Arts Center, CT  w/Charles Neville Quartet

April 11  Private Event

May 2  The Arts Block--Greenfield

May 23 Paradise City Arts Festival, Northampton

Aug. 15 Private Event

Sept 11 The Iron Horse, Noho w/The Charles Neville Quintet

Dec 6  Private Event

Dec 31  NYE--Private Event, CT.

Dec. 13 The Iron Horse--Noho w/ Freddie Bryant Kaleidoscope